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Litigation Support & Consulting

Newmark V&A offers strategic consulting and litigation support services to leading attorneys, corporations, government agencies, tenants, and owners nationwide.


Our Litigation Support experts advises on all commercial real estate asset types, focusing in particular on air rights, pipelines, easements, options, leaseholds, ground leases, and other property interests. We have successfully litigated portfolio valuations, air right disputes, and ground rent reassessments.

Newmark Valuation & Advisory pairs cross-divisional expertise with a centralized approach to strategic valuation. With wide geographic coverage, specialized knowledge, and leading-edge technology, we guarantee consistent and credible reporting.

Our experts are qualified in the following courts and panels:

  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court

  • U.S. District Court

  • Various State Superior Courts

  • Various State Tax Courts

  • American Arbitration Association

  • Condemnation Panels

  • Planning Boards/Boards of Adjustments

In addition to assisting with Trial Strategy, our Consulting/Litigation Support platform has experience in the following types of assignments:

  • Ground Lease Consulting

  • Estate Planning

  • Arbitration/Mediation

  • Borrower & Lender Disputes

  • Bankruptcy Reorganization

  • Matrimonial Disputes

  • Title Disputes

  • Rebuttal Expert Reports

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Ad Valorem Taxation

  • Real Estate Contract Disputes

  • Options

  • Eminent Domain/Right-of Way

  • Riparian Rights