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Landlord Representation

As dedicated landlord representatives, our primary aim is to unlock the full potential of your property.

We excel not just in leasing spaces but in elevating the brand and image of your buildings. Understanding the unique needs of various property owners—corporate, institutional, family-owned, or entrepreneurial—we craft leasing strategies tailored to attract and retain the ideal tenants.

Equipped with detailed local insights and extensive data, we assist landlords in identifying opportunities and making informed decisions. Our range of services, from strategic planning to property and asset management, ensures results by boosting revenue and enhancing property value.

We understand the needs of corporate, institutional, and entrepreneurial property owners. Our expertise includes evaluating capital improvements, financial ownership structures, and debt obligations, as well as exit strategy planning. Our team specializes in transforming under-performing assets through competitive analysis, proactive leasing strategies, and tenant retention programs.

Leveraging proprietary market research, Newmark monitors tenant movements and property market trends, ensuring clients have the most up-to-date and detailed understanding of the competitive landscape.

Our approach to successful leasing involves actively reaching out to potential tenants and their brokers, providing detailed reports on prospective activities to owners, recommending optimal pricing, and swift analysis of RFPs.

Newmark offers a wide range of services to meet all your property needs, from strategic planning to managing your assets effectively. Our expertise includes:

  • Comprehensive lease negotiation

  • Construction supervision

  • Financial analysis

  • Marketing and repositioning strategy

  • Property assessment

  • Property management

  • Prospecting & canvassing

  • Tenant retention

Expect the unexpected®.

Our team of leading leasing agents, expert financial analysts, and experienced senior property managers advises on building operations and systems.