We are committed to our people and to the community as a whole. We have a variety of programs to incentivize and support our employees, from employee ownership to comprehensive benefits and training. We are also committed to equal opportunity, diversity and other policies and practices. And, we have a passionate commitment to community service and charity.

Please see below for some of our important initiatives.
Charitable Giving

Newmark actively encourages our brokers and employees to support the communities in which we live and operate through volunteerism and philanthropy. In 2019, Newmark supported over 300 different charities across its locations, including national organizations such as the American Red Cross, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and hundreds of local charities including Los Angeles Waterkeeper, Junior Achievement of Chicago, Fund for the Boston Public Library, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Carnival Memphis Education Fund, Dallas CASA and the New York City Police Foundation. Our brokers and employees joined together nationwide to build homes with Habitat for Humanity, run in multiple fundraising races, donate food, clothing and services through organizations like the G Family Foundation in Plano, Texas and support communities struggling with natural disasters through Hope for Haiti and Butte County Wildfires. Learn more about our charitable initiatives here.

Disaster Relief

We also support victims of disasters. In January 2019, more than 200 volunteers from Newmark and its affiliates, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, along with many of our friends from the New York community and clients from Banco Santander and Scotiabank, traveled to Puerto Rico to aid in its recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. This operation distributed $4 million in $1,000 Payoneer® prepaid cards to thousands of families still suffering from the devastation. Learn more about our disaster relief here.

Employee Benefits, Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Our employees are incentivized through our commitment to employee equity ownership throughout our company, across the globe. We provide comprehensive and competitive benefits to protect the health, well-being and financial security of our employees. We also train and support our employees so they can maximize their potential.

We believe in equal opportunity. We consider all qualified applicants for job openings and promotions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, service in the armed forces, or any other characteristic that has no bearing on an employee’s ability to do their job well.

As a global enterprise with offices more than 105 cities, we are diverse in many ways. We seek to further diversify our workplaces through our recruitment and retention. We honor this commitment through programs like our Network of Women (“NOW”) which supports the recruitment, development and retention of women across our organization.

We are helping to shape future leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds. Initiatives include membership and active participation in the Mortgage Bankers Association Path to Diversity Scholarship Program and sponsorship of the Summer Enrichment and Analyst Development Programs run by Artemis Real Estate Partners – a female-owned financial firm with a strong track record in fostering diversity. In addition, we are a proud co-leader of the Women’s Empowerment, Leadership and Diversity Chapter within the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. We further participate in job fairs and job boards that are focused on reaching a diverse applicant pool. We are an investor in a commercial real estate services firm that operates as E Smith Advisors. E Smith Advisors is a certified minority-owned business enterprise offering a wide variety of real estate services in the U.S. Learn more about careers at Newmark here.

Dispositions/ Gender Pay Information and EEOC Reporting

We report on the diversity of our workforce composition (including gender and race) to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on an annual basis. Visit our Diversity & Inclusion website for more information.

Our ESG Initiatives

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