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Newmark Valuation & Advisory’s Right-of-way is one of the most complex asset classes to value, requiring expert appraisers to ensure that a property owner is being compensated fairly by a government entity exercising eminent domain.

Newmark Valuation & Advisory’s (V&A) Right-of-Way practice is dedicated to ensuring that clients in active right-of-way markets receive total just compensation for property taken by federal, state and local governments through eminent domain, as required under the U.S. Constitution and state laws.

Our expert right of way appraisers have conducted “before and after” appraisals to determine just compensation for property taken for petroleum and natural gas pipelines, electric transmission lines, highway and street expansions, water and sewer line extensions, flood control and mass transit, among other government projects. Moreover, our experience extends to the representation of city, state and county governments and school districts. Through the breadth of our experience, we are able to ensure that eminent domain is exercised on behalf of both the public and our clients.

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Matthew Krauser, CRE, FRICS

Senior Managing DirectorLitigation Support & Consulting - Tri-StateValuation & Advisory
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