Environmental Social & Governance

Newmark is an organization built on enduring values and employee engagement and ownership. We believe in ingenuity, strong ethics and governance, and equal opportunities, and we have a steadfast commitment to community service and charity.

Our Fundamental Values

At our core, we are committed to our employees by providing an opportunity to participate in our success. Our employees are incentivized through our commitment to employee equity ownership throughout our Company. Unlike many companies, virtually all of our employees have the opportunity to be granted equity-based awards in our Company. As of June 30, 2020, our employees, executive officers and independent directors owned approximately 28% of our equity on a fully diluted basis. Because of this diverse and significant employee ownership, we have an entrepreneurial culture that allows us to attract and retain key staff in all of our markets. Our people, then, are at the core of all that we do and set the tone for our businesses. This relationship with our people aligns our employees and management with stockholders and encourages a collaborative and entrepreneurial culture that informs every decision.

We believe in hard work, innovation, superior client service, strong ethics and governance, and equal opportunities, and have a passionate commitment to community service and charity. We believe these values foster sustainable, profitable growth. We strive to be exemplary corporate citizens and honor high ethical principles in our interactions with other businesses, our employees and the communities in which we live and work. We take our role in corporate social responsibility and sustainability seriously: we want to contribute to the common good.

We are developing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives to support these values. Please find more detail below on how we put our values into action: through a conscious Environmental approach, responsible Social initiatives and thoughtful Governance structures.

Our ESG Initiatives

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