Tenant Representation Services - Newmark

Tenant Representation Services

We recognize that optimizing your office space goes beyond just the physical improvements—it's also about the unseen benefits.

We offer independent, creative, and insightful advice, to match your vision with an ideal solution.

Our services are tailored to your specific project, covering everything from strategy and internal preparation to workplace execution and ongoing support. Whether you're nearing a lease expiration, expanding your operation, optimizing your space, or facing a critical deadline, we're here to ensure your workspace is perfectly suited to your team's needs.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of Tenant Representation services, including:

  • Acquisition and disposition

  • Comprehensive lease and sale negotiations

  • Construction supervision

  • Economic incentive analysis

  • Lease auditing

  • Financial and market analysis

  • Project management

  • Strategic planning

  • Site selection

Newmark also offers support services such as lease auditing, project management, and construction supervision.

Space analysis and future planning

Our team assesses how a company uses its current space, and if the space can accommodate their future needs. We review lease details and compare existing commitments to current market trends—considering both the broader submarket and specific buildings—and detail whether it is better to renew a lease or move.

Enhanced negotiating strategies

By analyzing alternative sites, we give our clients the upper hand in any lease negotiation. We understand the market, our clients’ operational needs, qualitative factors, and the financial position and reputation of each building’s landlord. After pinpointing the ideal location and securing the best lease terms, we remain closely involved to ensure a smooth renewal, transition, or relocation.

Creative solutions for excess space

We offer tailored solutions to companies burdened by lease obligations for unused or financially impractical space. Our strategies are informed by current market trends and a comprehensive evaluation of the landlord's financial standing, addressing any mortgage, taxes, operating costs, and potential vacancies. We negotiate to restructure unfavorable leases, and help dispose of excess space via subleasing, assignment, or early termination.