Data Center Consulting

Newmark’s Data Center Consulting Group leads the market in data center strategies, management, evaluation and performance.

We assist regional, domestic and multinational organizations with comprehensive services across related activities, including:

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and data center strategy
  • Colocation research, analysis and procurement
  • Project management (data center construction and development)
  • Site selection, contract, PSA, government incentive and SLA negotiations
  • Site evaluation, closure and decommissioning
  • Agency leasing, sales, marketing and dispositions
  • Valuation & Advisory services

Our global Data Center Consulting team includes subject matter experts, engineers and data center designers. Our unique structure ensures consistent service across geographies and service-lines. Our experience is unmatched in the industry.

We take pride in developing creative solutions to meet our clients’ short-and long-term strategies. With insight that can only be provided by industry experts and up-to-date engineering mechanics, we propose and implement flexible solutions that endure.

Visit the Newmark Data Center website.

Visit the Newmark Data Center Property Management page.

Visit the Newmark Valuation & Advisory Data Center & Mission Critical page.

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