Global Corporate Services

Newmark’s Global Corporate Services (GCS) group offers an integrated global platform that provides seamless, beginning-to-end corporate services solutions to clients around the world.

While technology-agnostic, our team is experienced with all the popular and leading systems in the market segment. Additionally, we can generate accurate lease accounting data under FASB Topic 842 and IFRS16 for both real estate and equipment leases.

Our Services

Find and resolves landlord overcharges, avoid unnecessary lease holdovers and integrate our services to capitalize on market opportunities and generate return-on-investment. A full description of our Lease Administration services is listed below.

Lease Administration Consulting

Advisory services for clients who leverage their own workforce.

Multi-Language Lease Abstraction & Document Management

Abstraction and management services which include several checks and reviews to ensure data accuracy.

Desktop Reviews & Lease Audits

Services performed by dedicated cost control team to minimize client rent and ensure that landlord billings associated with pass through rent is correct and consistent for each lease.

Transition Services

Services which safeguard a smooth, seamless change process, regardless of portfolio size or complexity.

Contract Data Management

Services which track critical data for each property and provide required notifications.

Reporting & Analytics

Both standardized and fully customized reporting to meet the business and reporting needs of each client.

Global Rent Management/Payment

Verification, payment and reporting of lease-related financial obligations.

Rent Receivable Billing and Collection

Invoicing and collection of subtenant rent.

FASB/IFRS Lease Accounting Support

Support services and technology systems to ensure compliance with lease accounting rules.

System Evaluation and Implementation

Utilize our multi-platform expertise to review, select and implement optimal lease administration technology for each client.