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Global Strategy

The Newmark Global Strategy approach focuses on actively listening to our clients' experiences, carefully considering their unique goals, and leveraging our wide expertise at every step.


Our team of management and real estate consultants combines agility, creativity, and innovation to create defensible, actionable solutions to complex challenges. We have crafted a methodology for corporate transformation, transactions, and finance across all industries.

Clients approach us with intricate business and real estate issues that often lack clear solutions. With the right balance of experience and analytical expertise, we help our clients identify the specific strategic, financial, and operational elements of their goals.

Our Services

We offer our clients advice, support and practical solutions to navigate their most challenging real estate issues. Below, you'll find a comprehensive overview of our Global Strategy services.

Portfolio Strategy:
  • Strategic Portfolio Assessment
  • Cost Reduction Strategy
  • Asset Optimization and Capital Planning
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Integration
Supply Chain Optimization:
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics
  • Logistics and Network Optimization
  • Operations Strategy and Warehouse Design
  • Outsourcing, Spend and Vendor Management
Location Strategy and Site Selection:
  • Corporate Location Strategy and Site Selection
  • Relocation, Expansion and Consolidation Feasibility
  • Community and Site Due Diligence
  • Workforce and Labor Analytics
Economic Incentives Advisory:
  • Program Research and Feasibility
  • Negotiation and Optimization Strategy
  • Compliance Management
Economic Development Consulting:
  • Strategic Planning and Targeted Industry Analysis
  • Workforce and Talent Development
  • Asset-based Community Development Advisory
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
Consultants World-Wide
20+ Years
Average Amount of Experience
Clients Around Industry and Asset Type

Our Approach

Ensure clients are equipped

with compelling evidence and an awareness of risk-related dynamics before they enter a new market.

Optimize talent attraction and retention,

operating costs and conditions, location and workplace strategies and other unique concerns that are material to our clients’ competitive position.

Surface unrealized value in every business

where operations and real estate matters are not yet fully integrated. We identify and overcome hidden issues and constraints in order to contribute to organizational consensus.

Use descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics

to make the most out of our clients’ data. We identify patterns and insights that illuminate future scenarios to inform the present.

Minimize rising or problematic long-term operating costs,

reduce deployment of significant capital expenditures that do not meet stated financial or operational objectives and avoid potential business disruption and unforeseen hurdles to the business’s short-term goals.

Bridge stakeholder divides

and accurately reflect a diverse and ever-changing set of industry, process and revenue-generating objectives to arrive at the most defensible position.