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Customer Service

Our team understands that good tenant relationships often lead to successful lease renewals, which is imperative in today's market.


From building employees to service contractors and other vendors, Newmark stresses the importance of providing first-class service to each tenant through:

  • Building tenant relationships

  • Conducting exit interviews

  • Distributing tenant gifts

  • Understanding a tenant's organizational structure

  • Organizing tenant events

  • On-site communication programs

Our Services

We also employ trained maintenance technicians who are available for a number of contracted services, including:

  • General tenant maintenance

  • Heating and air conditioning

  • Electrical

  • Locksmithing

  • Plumbing

By leveraging our purchasing power for goods and services, as well as on-site technicians, we are able to pass along our savings to our clients. We have negotiated non-exclusive national contracts for a broad range of goods and services, delivering preferred pricing for our clients.

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