Valuation/Portfolio Valuation

Our Valuation/Portfolio Valuation practice combines significant industry expertise with vast geographic coverage.

Individual Asset Valuations

Our valuation professionals are best-in-class in their respective markets, and provide accurate and timely asset valuations for our clients.

Portfolio/REIT Valuations

Our team is able to swiftly handle large, complex multi-property portfolio assignments, and our Financial Reporting practice provides expertise in financial reporting standards and property-specific insights.

Portfolio Analytics

We supplement traditional analytics with industry benchmarks and trends, ensuring comprehensive due diligence.

Market Rent Studies

Newmark’s extensive database tracks recent transactions, allowing us to analyze each market in real time.

Market and Economic Studies

Critical to both development and investment activity is understanding local property markets. Our market and economic studies combine site-specific insights with economic impact analysis to look at cash-on-cash, return on investment and other key metrics.