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Newmark Valuation & Advisory’s Restaurants practice has its roots in a team that was first established in 1978. Our team has appraised more than 30,000 restaurants, delivering expertise in all elements of value: real estate, equipment, and business intangible.

Newmark Valuation & Advisory’s Restaurants team members deliver expertise in all elements of value: real estate, equipment, and business intangible.

Mortgage lending is the most common intended use for our Restaurants appraisals. Lenders are typically focused on real estate values and appreciate the market’s emphasis on store economics for evaluating a tenant’s ability to afford their lease obligation. Our specialized appraisers are experts in relating store economics to real estate economics when appropriate.

Our practice also includes business valuers who can develop a single opinion of value for a single restaurant or for a large portfolio. For ASC 805 purchase price allocations we are equipped to handle the entire allocation across identifiable intangible assets and unidentifiable intangible assets. Estate planners often engage our business valuers to develop defendable discounts for lack of control and marketability.

Convenience stores, automotive energy facilities, and restaurants are increasingly operated by the same entities, competing for the same sites, and borrowing from the same lenders (often specialists). We understand the unique requirements of these properties and their operators and lenders and have established a dedicated team, CAR (Convenience Stores & Automotive Energy and Restaurants). This team has expert knowledge of the charts of account and key performance indicators for these two closely allied verticals.

We provide valuation and advisory services for a wide range of property types, including:

  • Quick Service

  • Fast Casual

  • Casual Dining

  • Polished Casual

  • Fine Dining

  • Family Dining

  • Grill Buffet

  • Food Hall

  • Ghost Kitchen