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Self Storage

Valuation & Advisory’s Self Storage practice is dedicated to providing best-in-class valuation and consulting services for all self storage property types.

We complete assignments for a wide variety of complex assets, ranging from individually owned non-climate controlled facilities to large Class A properties in urban core locations. The Self Storage team is adept at managing projects for single properties, as well as large portfolios in markets across the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Valuation & Advisory Self Storage team's core disciplines far surpass those of traditional valuation services, and all services are implemented from start to finish by our subject experts, each of whom possess significant experience valuing and analyzing self storage properties.

We offer a breadth of expertise in a multitude of storage property types, including:

Portable Container Storage

Commercial shipping containers or prefabricated individual units are a low-cost option for owners with unused surplus land to increase revenue. However, these units pose valuation issues when making a federally regulated real estate loan, as they are not affixed to a permanent foundation. Our storage team is trained to handle these units so as to mitigate risk during the valuation process.

RV/Boat/Vehicle Storage

RV/boat/vehicle storage is typically a small and secondary use found within the confines of a self storage facility. However, there are locations where there is demand for only RV/boat/vehicle storage, and this type of property is less prevalent than self storage. Types of storage can include open and uncovered parking on a paved or gravel lot, steel canopy covered spaces, stacked boat storage within a tall building near a body of water, or industrial warehouses converted to indoor storage with valet and other services.

Wine Storage

Wine storage requires special attention. Our valuation professionals understand the unique physical attributes and valuation techniques that are important to the wine storage market when making a purchase decision. True wine storage requires specialized temperature and humidity control with back-up generators in case of power failure. Storage lockers are typically priced by the number of bottles or cases of wine stored.

Ancillary Income

Ancillary income has increased over the past 10 years and includes late fees, administrative fees, and sales of locks, boxes and tenant insurance. Storage facilities may include business contracts with truck rental companies to rent vehicles in exchange for a portion of the revenue. This valuation experience is absolutely necessary for assuring our clients they are receiving an accurate valuation of the subject property.

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The Advantages of Working with our Experienced V&A Self Storage Professionals
  • — Appraised over 50% of the Recorded Transaction Volume in the Industry (2021)
  • — Appraised the Largest Self Storage Portfolio Transaction in History ($3B+)
  • — 30 Highly Experienced Self Storage Experts
  • — National Self Storage Team with Geographic Expertise
  • — Executes Large Assignments Quickly, Accurately, and with Consistency
  • — Quarterly Publications: Investment Rents, Market Trends & Annual Expense Guidebook
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For information, contact:

Steven J. Johnson, MAI

Executive Vice PresidentSpecialty Practice Co-Leader – Self StorageValuation & Advisory

R. Christian Sonne CRE, MAI, FRICS

Executive Vice PresidentSpecialty Practice Co-Leader – Self StorageValuation & Advisory