Leadership Square - 211 N Robinson Ave

On Market

North Robinson Avenue, Central Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

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Building Details

Property Type Office
Year Built1984
Building ClassA
Square Feet790,093
Abundance of on-site amenities including dining, shopping, salon and spa, pharmacy, sundry shop, and conference center.
Located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City with a 5-minute walk to City Hall, the Museum of Art, and the Civic Center Music Hall.
Enjoy a 10-minute walk to Bricktown Brewery, Cox Convention Center, and the Myriad Botanical Garden.
Offering an easy commute in and out of downtown with a 5-minute drive to I-235 and I-40.
The skybridge provides access to parking garages and other key downtown towers, such as Oklahoma Tower.
The underground tunnels lead to more restaurants and banking, a postal facility and art galleries.


1st Fl, Ste N-1102,657 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YRRestaurantFull Build-OutNow
1st Fl, Ste N-1503,182 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
1st Fl, Ste S-1501,391 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
2nd Fl, Ste N-240429 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
2nd Fl, Ste N-2505,807 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
2nd Fl, Ste S-2009,294 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
3rd Fl, Ste N-31018,706 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
4th Fl, Ste N-40024,207 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
4th Fl, Ste S-4002,818 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
4th Fl, Ste S-450A4,523 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
5th Fl, Ste S-5154,637 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
5th Fl, Ste S-5209,070 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
6th Fl, Ste N-60022,627 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
6th Fl, Ste S-6503,085 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
7th Fl, Ste N-70023,840 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
7th Fl, Ste S-7007,856 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
8th Fl, Ste N-8102,732 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
8th Fl, Ste N-8205,566 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
9th Fl, Ste N-95014,731 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficePartial Build-OutNow
11th Fl, Ste N-110024,396 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
12th Fl, Ste N-121014,190 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
14th Fl, Ste N-140025,171 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
14th Fl, Ste S-1425599 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
15th Fl, Ste N-150024,613 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
16th Fl, Ste N-16102,848 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeShell SpaceNow
19th Fl, Ste N-19003,098 SFNegotiable$24.50 /SF/YROfficeNow

Leadership Square is one of the largest buildings in the downtown area making it Oklahoma City’s premier address in the Central Business District. There are two towers consisting of 250 corner offices, 15 balconies, and penthouse suites that are served by secure access elevators. The towers are adjoined by a full-glass, four-story atrium, often referred to as Downtown’s “town square,” hosting many events, and gatherings. One of the greatest features of the building is its Grand Aura: a sculpture by Larry Kirkland. It was created to make Leadership Square even more inviting and define it to a human scale. The property offers ample underground parking with electronic vehicle charging stations and bicycle storage. In addition, Leadership Square is located on an OKC Street Car stop.

  • Atrium
  • Banking
  • Bus Line
  • Conferencing Facility
  • Convenience Store
  • Fitness Center
  • Food Service
  • Property Manager on Site
  • Restaurant
  • Skyway
  • Energy Star Labeled
  • Car Charging Station
  • Bicycle Storage
  • Balcony

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