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Insurable Value

Valuation & Advisory’s Alternative Valuation practice provides Insurable Value services, offering a comprehensive range of services to property owners, insurance companies, and others navigating the insurance premium process. We specialize in providing insurable value estimates on a variety of property types, including commercial, industrial, hospitality, and multifamily properties.

Our team of experts understands the importance of insurable value estimates for commercial real estate, especially given the rise in natural disasters and weather-related incidents over the past several years. Insurable value estimates are an integral part of the operation of commercial real estate, and their importance has increased markedly as a result of these events. As such, we are dedicated to providing unbiased, accurate reports that exceed regulatory and industry guidelines, with quick turnaround times.

Our reports include ample data and analytics to help our clients understand and be confident in the value estimate. Our experienced appraisers have substantial local and/or property-type expertise, allowing us to provide one-stop national coverage. We have completed thousands of valuations across the country every year, giving us access to the most current construction cost data in the market and ensuring that we understand the requirements of cost component valuations.

All of our appraisal reports are prepared by a licensed appraiser familiar with each local market, and our formats are designed to meet the requirements of insurance companies and state regulations. Our customized solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and provide reliable, accurate, and comprehensive insurable value estimates that help protect your valuable assets.

Newmark Valuation & Advisory's Insurable Value team provides trustworthy and valuable insights that help protect your valuable assets. Our insurable value estimates are:

  • Prepared by experienced appraisers with substantial local and/or property-type expertise

  • Designed to meet the requirements of insurance companies and state regulations

  • Based on the most current construction cost data in the market

  • Delivered with one-stop national coverage

For information contact:

Norm W. LeZotte, MAI

Senior Managing DirectorMarket Leader - FloridaValuation & Advisory

Scott Schafer, MAI, MRICS

Executive Managing DirectorHead of StrategySpecialty Practice Leader - Alternative Valuation Services Valuation & Advisory