Stephen Scarpulla

Associate Director

San Francisco

Partial List of Debt & Equity Transactions

  • 2150 North First, San Jose, CA; Bridge Debt, $31.2MM
  • Haas Candy Factory, San Francisco, CA; Permanent Debt, $8.5MM
  • 180 Grand, Oakland, CA; Bridge Debt, $119.34MM
  • Blu Harbor Apartments, Redwood City, CA; Permanent Debt, $130.25MM
  • 821 Winslow, Redwood City, CA; Bridge Debt, $8MM
  • Cameron Distribution, Portland, OR; Permanent Debt, $20.26MM
  • Belvedere Place, Mill Valley, CA; Permanent Debt, $44MM
  • 199 First Street, Los Altos, CA; Bridge Debt, $18.818MM
  • Creekside Center, Vacaville, CA; Permanent Debt, $11.5MM
  • California Plaza, Walnut Creek, CA; Bridge Debt, $117MM
  • 10th & Railroad, San Mateo, CA; Bridge Debt, $18.55MM
  • 1023 Mission, San Francisco, CA; Bridge Debt, $19.2MM
  • 153 Kearny, San Francisco, CA; Bridge Debt, $9.1MM
  • Nordic Cold Storage, Seattle, WA; Bridge Debt, $10.65MM
  • 60 South Spokane, Seattle, WA; Bridge Debt, $15.55MM
  • 1300 South El Camino, San Mateo, CA; Bridge Debt, $47.32MM
  • 1 Park Place, Dublin, CA; Permanent Debt, $44MM
  • Time Square, Salt Lake City, UT; Permanent Debt, $17.55MM
  • 1180 Main, Redwood City, CA; Construction Debt, $97.5MM
  • Tower Plaza, San Mateo, CA; Bridge Debt, $75.8MM
  • Treat Towers, Walnut Creek, CA; Bridge Debt, $138.7MM
  • 1650 South Delaware, San Mateo, CA; Construction Debt, $39.78MM

Professional Affiliations
Stephen is a licensed real estate agent in the state of California.

Personal Affiliations
In his spare time, Stephen is a member of the Bay Area Leadership Committee for his alma mater, the Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara. In this role, he has helped create a scholarship fund for homeless San Francisco Bay Area students enrolled at the university.

Stephen earned a Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in international business from the University of San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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