Energy and Sustainability Solutions

Newmark’s Energy and Sustainability Services provides a powerful combination of resources that help clients coordinate and finance their energy management goals through a single company. These services lower energy costs, increase net operating income and support corporate sustainability goals.

Newmark Energy Sustainability

The Energy and Sustainability Services team offers solutions that are customizable and integrated. They include:

  • Utility Data Management
  • Energy Audits
  • Invoice Audit and Bill Pay
  • Project Management
  • Demand Management
  • Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy
  • LEED Certification and Consulting
  • Energy Procurement
  • Market Research

Newmark covers all aspects of energy management—utility bill management, energy conservation measures (ECMs), energy procurement, financing, sustainability reporting, renewable energy origination, and program management. These services are flexible and can be tailored to specific site or portfolio needs.

Implementing cost-effective real estate practices is a fundamental principal of Newmark’s Energy and Sustainability Services practice.

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Energy Intelligence PlatformTM (EIP)

Our SaaS-based utility intelligence platform is designed to drive best-practice energy and utility management practices for single or multi-facility organizations. Our proprietary cloud-based approach utilizes invoice and data reception to create aggregated, actionable energy analytics and automates the bill-pay and energy procurement process. In addition to collection and bill-pay services, the Newmark EIP provides benchmarking reports around energy usage, tracking of energy efficiency initiatives and customizable reporting to suit your business requirements. The EIP helps our clients identify the value of implementing energy conservation measures such as ENERGY STARTM scoring, facility upgrades, operational changes, and procurement strategies.

Engineering & Project Management

Newmark offers clients a complete range of analysis and implementation for various energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Our team provides the entire suite of services to help clients execute their energy saving and sustainability strategies for a single site or across a global portfolio. Our services include ASHRAE Level I-III energy audit reports, retro-commissioning and turnkey project implementation of energy conservation initiatives such as efficient lighting, HVAC/mechanical performance optimization, and renewable energy solutions. To date, Newmark has deployed its engineering services to over 30 million square feet globally.

Sustainability Reporting

Newmark is a member of EPA EnergyStarTM, and the US and Canadian Green Building Councils, which gives our team access to ever-changing building certification standards implementation strategies. Our focus on sustainability and waste reduction helps clients manage their social and environmental impacts and improve operating efficiency and natural resource stewardship. Newmark clients are provided LEED certification and recertification services in accordance to USGBC LEED EB O+M v4. Sustainability remains an important component of employee and stakeholder relations and disclosure can serve as a differentiator in competitive industries and foster stakeholder confidence, trust and employee loyalty. Newmark adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI) for comprehensive sustainability reporting.

Financing Solutions

At Newmark, we understand that upfront costs are a major barrier to implementing energy efficiency and conservation projects. An important goal of efficiency projects and programs is to help finance these upfront costs so our clients are encouraged to invest in energy improvements without breaking the bank. Through Newmark’s deep network of financing partners, we enable clients to participate in savings upside from day 1 without deploying any internal resources. Our team offers financing structures to provide site owners with access to up-front capital and financing for comprehensive facility energy improvements, which are the repaid over time as energy savings are generated.

Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets

With corporates accounting for about 50 percent of global energy demand, the renewable energy and carbon markets have seen massive growth from initiatives to offset conventional grid electricity. Newmark Energy and Sustainability offers unique REC and carbon products to clients who are searching for ways to offset their energy usage, and where localized or on-site sustainability solutions are a challenge. With deep relationships and expertise in the wholesale environmental markets, we are able to structure the best products tailored to our clients’ sustainability goals. Our team offers various types of carbon offset classes/price structures under both the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and the Gold Standard for verified emission reduction. Under the Green-eTM protocol, the most widely used renewable energy standard in North America, we are able to offer diverse REC products based on technology and geography.