Loan Portfolio Solutions

Newmark Valuation & Advisory (V&A) Loan Portfolio Solutions practice provides portfolio stress testing and risk reviews for some of the world’s largest banks.

Risk Reviews for CRE and C&I Portfolios

Annual loan review and re-underwriting; update of risk ratings; portfolio stress testing

ESG & Environmental Peril Modeling for CRE Portfolios

Environmental peril analysis on an asset-by-asset as well as portfolio basis

Flood Compliance

Portfolio or loan level review of flood compliance; review and remediation of current flood compliance processes

Data Migration to New Servicing System and Data Platforms

Efficient and accurate transfer of data and post-transfer validation

Automated Validation and Data Capture at Loan Origination

AI-driven capture and validation of pre-closing loan data across all documents

Bank Regulatory Advisory

Review, development and implementation of protocols to address current and potential regulatory issues