Bank Credit Risk Solutions

Newmark Valuation & Advisory (V&A) Bank Credit Risk Solutions practice (formerly known as Loan Portfolio Solutions) provides loan portfolio stress testing, credit reviews, and risk advisory services for some of the world’s largest banks.

Risk Reviews for CRE and C&I Portfolios

Annual loan review and re-underwriting; update of risk ratings; portfolio stress testing

Residential & Commercial Loan Due Diligence

Offering loan portfolio diligence pre and post loan sale, as well as HMDA compliance and other pre audit services

Flood Compliance

Portfolio or loan level review of flood compliance; review and remediation of current flood compliance processes

Data Migration & Automated Validation

Efficient and accurate transfer of data and post-transfer validation. Additionally, AI-driven capture and validation of pre-closing loan data across all documents.

GHG Emissions Data & Environmental Peril Modeling for CRE Portfolios

Determine GHG emissions and/or Environmental Peril on an asset-by-asset as well as a portfolio basis.

Bank Regulatory Advisory

Review, development and implementation of protocols to address current and potential regulatory issues