Baywood Center - Jacksonville, FL

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Baymeadows Road, Southside

Jacksonville, Florida 32256

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Building Details

Property Type Office
Year Built1985
Building ClassB


Baywood Center | 9428 Baymeadows Rd
1st Fl, Ste 1051,086 SFNegotiable$18.25 /SF/YROfficeNow
1st Fl, Ste 1501,141 SFNegotiable$18.00 /SF/YROfficeNow
2nd Fl, Ste 2502,749 SFNegotiable$18.00 /SF/YROfficeNow
2nd Fl, Ste 2603,506 SFNegotiable$18.00 /SF/YROfficeNow
3rd Fl, Ste 3004,616 SFNegotiable$18.00 /SF/YROfficeNow
3rd Fl, Ste 3504,662 SFNegotiable$18.00 /SF/YROfficeNow
4th Fl, Ste 4505,644 SFNegotiable$18.25 /SF/YROfficeNow
5th Fl, Ste 5006,806 SFNegotiable$18.25 /SF/YROfficeNow
5th Fl, Ste 5402,333 SFNegotiable$18.00 /SF/YROfficeNow
6th Fl, Ste 60010,710 SFNegotiable$18.25 /SF/YROfficeNow
Baywood Center | 9424 Baymeadows Rd
1st Fl, Ste 1101,745 SFNegotiable$18.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
Baywood Center | 9432 Baymeadows Rd
1st Fl, Ste 130636 SFNegotiable$18.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
1st Fl, Ste 145711 SFNegotiable$18.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
2nd Fl, Ste 2351,188 SFNegotiable$18.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
2nd Fl, Ste 260B898 SFNegotiable$18.50 /SF/YROfficeNow
2nd Fl, Ste 2801,277 SFNegotiable$18.50 /SF/YROfficeNow

Highly visible and accessible campus setting. On-site management. Newly renovated exterior, lobbies, restrooms, entries, and new landscaping. On-site cafe. Community conference room available. Right on Baymeadows Road with quick access to I-95, Southside Blvd, and 9A. Conveniently located near retail, restaurants, and banking.

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