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Retail Occupier Services

The Newmark Retail Occupier Services group partners with retailers to support or fully manage essential retail real estate functions.

We are committed to understanding each client's unique culture, values, and goals, and then implement comprehensive and innovative portfolio and process solutions. Our platform provides immediate scalability for portfolio initiatives, and the ability to tap into local knowledge, accelerate speed-to-market, and enhance project coverage.

Led by former retailers and managers, our Retail Occupier Services group acts as a smooth and seamless extension of our clients' corporate real estate departments.

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Retail- A State of Disruption

Retailers today are faced with unprecedented disruption. Prior to COVID-19, consumers were already beginning to prioritize convenience above all else, but the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the pace of change and the need for retailers to re-think brick-and-mortar strategies. Thriving in the new world requires retailers to become disruptors themselves and often to rethink their strategy towards managing their store portfolios, regardless or whether they are growing, contracting or maintaining their footprints.

Let Us Help

Newmark is uniquely positioned to help retailers face today’s challenges. Retail Occupier Services (ROS) is a specialty practice of Newmark that works exclusively with retailers, restaurants, hospitality, or any company that operates in a retail setting by providing the integration and management of the critical functions of the real estate department, frequently with a higher level of experience and at lower cost than staffing an internal team. Our group is comprised of former retail executives and managers who have led some of the largest retail initiatives of the past thirty years. Our experience as former retailers is a major differentiator from our competitors- experience we call upon to customize strategic real estate programs for retail occupiers, regardless of whether their portfolios consist of 20 or +5,000 locations.

Case Studies

Big Box Wholesale Retailer

Objective: A custom portfolio management program that leverages technology in managing workflow, establishes compliance and drives savings through full Lease Administration and Asset Management services.

Results: Over $22M in lease renewals in first 18 months.

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Fashion and Fine Jewelry Retailer

Objective: Implementation of a new store development program that aligns with company’s omni-channel strategy. Establish portfolio infrastructure and compliance through full Lease Administration and Asset Management services.

Results: Omni-channel strategy that lifted revenue across web, wholesale and retail channels beyond forecast; and created speed to market opening 15-20 stores/year.

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Financial Services Retailer

Objective: Create multi-branded New Store Development program for a company accustomed to growing by acquisition, and establish rigor and compliance within lease administration and renewals across global portfolio.

Results: Strategic plans for over 25 markets across the country within 30 days.

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Furniture and Appliance Retailer

Objective: Implement integrated service platform, designed to accelerate store growth, ensure compliance and identify cost savings through Asset Management and Lease Administration services.

Results: Full management services provided since 2017 resulting in an annual growth of 10%, 20 leases executed in 2018 for 1.47 million square feet and secured new distribution centers in Houston and Baton Rouge while adding a third in Florida.

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Hard Goods Retailers

Objective: Design and implement customized services platform, that accelerates store growth, and integrates broad strategy initiatives through asset management and lease administration services.

Results: Complete pipeline management and construction coordination for opening 110 stores/year, over $13M in secured TIAs to go towards capital improvements inside the store (new door systems, flooring, HVAC, lighting, etc.) and over $65M in term savings since 2015

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Optical Retailer

Objective: A full-service outsourced development team, with a sharp focus on accelerated new store development. Implement customized services platform integrating research, analytic and strategy initiatives through transaction management, asset management and lease administration services.

Results: Created customized processes, procedures and databases, signed 21 leases within 9 months of finalizing services agreement, from a standing start of 0, saved over $170,000 in first 18 months through effective lease administration initiatives and reduced rent by 9% on renewal portfolio through effective asset management initiatives.

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Wireless Telecommunications Retailer

Objective: Design and implement a process to incorporate a client data-driven sales performance model into client’s market planning exercise while ramping from nominal regional growth to accelerated national growth.

Results: Implementation of strategic plans for over 100 markets across the country within 30 days and accelerated growth from 20-25 openings per year to over 110 openings in per year.

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Improve Results and Lower Risk

The challenges facing retailers today require a new playbook. The magnitude and pace of disruption in consumerism is unprecedented and only accelerating. Retailers that will thrive during this period will be those that establish tremendous agility and retain extraordinary talent. For many, this is an insurmountable challenge due to either blinkered perspectives, corporate bureaucracy, talent gaps or all three.

Building an internal team to solve today’s challenges is expensive and risky. Partnering with Newmark’s Retail Occupier Services group gives retailers an immediately scalable team of industry-best thought leaders and administrators that bring decades of experience leading some of the most complex portfolio initiatives in recent history. We offer retailers:

  • Scalability: We can size up or down our team, regardless of portfolio initiative
  • Expertise: As former retailers ourselves, we understand the challenges of our clients firsthand
  • Agility: Our corporate culture is nimble; we build programs around the retailer
  • Aligned Incentives: Our contracts tie fees to performance, so we win when our clients win
  • Resources: Our people and technology are best-in-class… ask our clients

The Newmark Retail Occupier Services Leadership Team

Mark A. Perkins

Executive Managing Director, Retail Occupier Services

Michael D. Mason

Executive Managing Director, Retail Occupier Services

Christopher Leehy

Executive Managing Director, Retail Occupier Services