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Asset Management

Competition, increasing cost of goods, and the growth of e-commerce have not only put pressure on retailer 4-Wall Economics, but have compelled many to reconsider the size and scope of their store portfolios.

This analysis pressures retailers to make their existing fleet more economical through aggressive lease renewals or “blend and extend” programs, which can significantly aid in controlling margins at the store level. Making informed decisions about which locations to renew, relocate, or terminate is more crucial than ever.

Our Asset Management teams, led by former retail executives and managers and supported by a network of local market experts and researchers, collaborate with retailers to develop and implement portfolio strategies that align with their broader business objectives. Optimizing market position and lease terms to lower occupancy costs is just one aspect of our approach.

Our team also offers immense indirect value via customizable management reporting systems that provide real-time dashboard reporting and integrate with other solutions like Lease Administration and Facilities Maintenance, to ensure cross-function collaboration.