Predictive Analytics and Strategic Planning - Newmark

Predictive Analytics and Strategic Planning

We act as an integrated extension of our clients' corporate real estate departments.

The rapid expansion of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands is prompting many retailers to develop omni-channel strategies, prompting a reevaluation of the store's role and its potential to maximize sales. When deciding whether to open, renew, relocate, or close a store, it is important to assess all the data available.

Retail Occupier Services uses artificial intelligence to analyze location and population data and build predictive models, which are instrumental in guiding retailers towards optimizing their portfolios.

Integrated IT

In addition to helping our clients in developing effective real estate strategies, we provide and manage comprehensive IT and data management solutions. These include custom point solutions integrated with information dashboards, offering managers and decision-makers access to real-time, reliable data.

While we are flexible and work with any system our clients prefer, we have also developed our own powerful, non-proprietary tools for workflow, GIS, and analytics. Our goal is to merge portfolio data from Lease Administration with these workflow tools and an advanced GIS interface, so that clients can view their portfolio projects and assignments from multiple perspectives.