Uncover Value with Lease Administration

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Identify Gaps in Your Lease Administration Process

Have you ever paid for something on a landlord bill and wondered if you should have? 
Do you have all your leases abstracted into a searchable database with critical activity reminders? 
Have you ever been surprised by dates or payments required by your leases?  Have you ever missed one?
How do you know if it’s your responsibility vs the landlord’s when a maintenance issue comes up? 
Does your real estate team, operations team or your accounting team take landlord calls?  Do they have the bandwidth and experience to handle those calls? 
Do you have to manage Percentage Rent or CPI Increases when calculating your rent payments?

We manage all relevant portfolio information for your leased and subleased facilities, using a database and document management system. But lease administration is more than just information management, it is key to navigating the complexity of retail leases and achieving cost savings through the meticulous oversight of a lease portfolio. Our experts typically deliver savings above the total cost of lease administration.

Meet ROS

ROS (Retail Occupier Services) is a Newmark specialty practice group offering full-service lease administration as part of a suite of outsourced real estate services.

Why do brands hire ROS?

It’s simple. As former retailers, we understand your challenges and leverage our experience to grow and manage your portfolio. We work for you. Learn more about our services here.

Lease Administration Services

  • Lease Abstraction, Data Scrubbing & Validation
  • Payment Management
  • Desktop Auditing
  • Receivables Tracking
  • Proactive Updates on Critical Dates
  • Relationship Management with Vendors and Landlords
  • Financial Reporting
  • Co-Tenancy Management
  • Database Creation
  • Tenant Terminations Communications and Tracking
  • Sublease Billing Management
  • FASB Requirements Support

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