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Cost Segregation

Valuation & Advisory’s Alternative Valuation practice specializes in providing Cost Segregation services for newly developed or recently acquired properties.

Cost Segregation is a highly valuable tool that allows property owners to maximize their tax savings by identifying and reclassifying tangible personal property assets from real property. This process helps determine the appropriate depreciation schedule for newly acquired or newly developed properties. At Newmark, we specialize in providing comprehensive cost segregation studies that offer significant benefits to a wide range of clients.

By utilizing our Cost Segregation services, clients can increase their cash-on-cash return, internal rate of return, and after-tax cash flow, while decreasing their effective tax rate. Additionally, any excess depreciation that was not taken in previous years can be claimed in the current tax year without the need for filing an amended return. Even leasehold improvements made by tenants can qualify for cost segregation and accelerated depreciation

The Cost Segregation team’s primary services include:

  • Expert analysis: Our Cost Segregation team consists of experts who have in-depth knowledge of tax regulations and extensive experience in conducting cost segregation studies.

  • Customized approach: We understand that each property is unique, and we tailor our cost segregation studies to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that all eligible assets are properly identified and classified.

  • Maximized tax savings: By accurately identifying and reclassifying assets, we help our clients maximize their tax savings and improve their cash flow.

  • Comprehensive service: Our Cost Segregation services cover a wide range of properties, including, industrial, and residential, providing valuable tax benefits for various types of clients.