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Receivership Services

With experience working in a number of states and with a variety of property types, our receivers have developed networks of skilled legal counsel and other qualified real estate professionals who can be employed on an as-needed basis.


Receivers have access to our full range of commercial real estate services to maintain and improve the asset value throughout the legal process.

  • Acting receiver in select assignments

  • Client relationship management with special services, banks, insurance companies, note buyers and lender/special services legal counsel with appropriate Newmark resources

  • Local receivership laws, rules and state statutes

  • Nationwide attorney relationships

Lenders and special services in need of non-performing commercial loan services understand the benefits of working with an experienced receiver.

Our Services

  • Assess additional information needed to operate the receivership

  • Gather and maintain all records, leases, plans, files and documents that are available

  • Hire, bid and oversee the completion of any necessary capital improvements

  • Hire leasing resources to negotiate and modify leases at property as necessary to stabilize and enhance value

  • If necessary, challenge real estate tax assessment for the property

  • Keep all parties informed through required reporting to the courts and other requested reporting by parties

  • Move quickly to take control of the rents and expenses at the property

  • Prepare accounting in the required format for the property to keep all parties informed

  • Provide market and property information

  • Regularly prepare and update property budgets

  • Stabilize and physically maintain the property per the receivership order

  • Work with local governmental authorities to resolve any outstanding permit of entitlement issues

  • Work with parties to assist in settling title issues plaguing the property

For Information About Receivership Services, Contact:

John Rothschild, Jr.

National Director,Receivership & Special Assets Services

Richard Holden

President of Property Management

Chris Prather, RPA

Executive Vice President, Property Management Operations