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Scale, Quality, Speed: Siting Electric Vehicle Battery Mega Factories

The electric vehicle (EV) battery industry is over the tipping point.

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Forecasts suggest that the market for battery cells will grow, on average, by more than 20 percent per year until 2030, possibly exceeding $400 billion globally if the increased scale drives costs down, furthering growth in the EV market.  

The accelerated EV battery growth prompts a significant amount of global strategy planning and in-depth investigation by companies towards the development of additional capacity, presenting client opportunities to secure new production plants and other facilities in the value chain across  Europe and North America.

Business leaders face significant decisions to optimize plant location and site selection, requiring rigorous study and due diligence – everything from demand side modelling to capital planning, site and infrastructure assessment, labor market analytics, utility and renewable energy procurement, and government collaboration through federal, state and local incentives, to name just a few of the critical location considerations.

It is an exciting time for stakeholders throughout the EV lithium-ion battery industry to come together and discuss how to plan, locate and build mega factories that work for everyone.

Below, Newmark GCS Vice Chairman Bob Hess shares his insights on optimizing site-selection direct from the Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, Battery Megafactories Europe 2022 Spring conference.

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