Property Tax

Newmark Valuation & Advisory’s (V&A) Property Tax group offers owners, investors and developers a specialized approach to property tax management and minimization.

Assessment Appeals

Our property tax practitioners combine their local expertise and relationships with the unmatched depth and breadth of our V&A platform to deliver optimum assessment results for our clients.


We appreciate the importance of the annual budgeting process to our clients and leverage our local expertise to forecast the most realistic budgets possible.

Due Diligence Property Tax Estimates

When our clients are in the pre-acquisition or pre-development process, our team’s expertise and access to empirical market data allows us to formulate reasonable tax estimates that enable our clients to make informed decisions.

Litigation Management

In the event that litigating an assessment appeal is cost-effective, we continue to advocate on our clients’ behalf, coordinating and managing the process to ensure that their best interests are served.


Our team helps clients manage the administrative burdens of tracking assessments, tax bills, appeal deadlines and tax refunds through a dedicated and experienced professional team and a state-of-the-art property tax software platform–allowing our clients to focus on core business activities.

Our national V&A Property Tax practice leadership has assembled a library of assessment resources for more than 30 jurisdictions throughout the country.

Each report includes the following:

  • Property tax calendar
  • Assessing jurisdictions
  • Property tax methodologies
  • Ideal appeal opportunities
  • Levels of appeal

You can download our helpful at-a-glance reports from our Resource Center.