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Valuation & Advisory's Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure group comprises a number of experts who are revered as “known quantities” throughout the hotel valuation and advisory community.

Each expert brings a vast array of knowledge and experience, which, together cover an unsurpassed spectrum of client service faculties. The rapidly changing landscape of commercial real estate demands superior market awareness for dependable results; considering the complexities of the various asset types within the hospitality industry, senior leadership is of paramount significance in order to execute assignments with a high degree of credence.

As such, our team delivers highly credible and well-supported opinions of value to assist all clients in making critical decisions. We are highly cognizant of the critical nature of timely deliveries, and will steadfastly commit to on-time delivery without compromising quality. Our team aims to be absolute market leaders with respect to portfolios of all sizes and locations, nationally and globally, and oblige that our knowledge and resources be leveraged as a team to best serve our clients.

For information contact:

Bryan Younge, MAI, ASA, FRICS

Executive Vice PresidentSpecialty Practice Leader – Hospitality, Gaming & LeisureValuation & Advisory