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Workplace Strategy and Human Experience

Newmark's Workplace Strategy and Human Experience team partners with clients to make going to work more engaging, supportive, and productive. We inspire people by designing meaningful spaces.


Our team of real estate strategists, architects, financial analysts, change management practitioners, and subject matter experts collaborates to design workplaces that support business objectives and improve the employee experience.

Our Services

More than a single office, we help clients develop standards for their entire portfolio, to align business objectives, corporate culture, technology, and work patterns with the physical environment. Below, you'll find a detailed overview of our Workplace Strategy & Human Experience offerings.

Workplace Strategy

Helping clients understand how they use a space today and how new ways of working can reduce costs, improve performance and enhance attraction and retention of talent.

Occupier Services

Understanding how people experience their workspace, where they interact and how to best support that interaction.

Change Management

Migrating to new ways of working that align with organizational goals and engage the workforce.

Brand and Culture

Strategies to create engaging and meaningful work environments.

Workplace Well-being

Helping organizations create spaces that support wellness.

Development and Visualization

Architects and artists that specialize in bringing new workplace visions to life.

Our Approach

Workplace Initiatives

Opportunities to reinvest in people, infrastructure and environment.


A roadmap based on how people actually work so companies can grow without necessarily growing their footprint.


Strong, accountable teams in the workplace create business value.

Brand Alignment

Nurture company culture and create an authentic experience for employees, guests and clients.


Options in the space and in how people work improve productivity and engagement.