Effective representation is the cornerstone of any leasing negotiation. Our agency specialists understand not only the specific factors of each transaction, but the wider market too. Armed with this information, we are uniquely well-placed to drive value for your business. You get a team that works tirelessly to represent your interests and secure the best outcome for you. Our insight, underpinned by on-the-ground experience, is harnessed by landlords, developers and occupiers who rely on us for the very best in analysis and advice.

We give you our honest recommendations so that you can reach the right result. Our strategies are both innovative and flexible, designed at all stages to meet your leasing objectives.

We give you the advice you need to generate value, and the confidence to make better decisions.

Mark Lethbridge
Partner - Agency

+44 (0)20 7653 6833
London - City

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Asset Valuations

Valuations form the foundations of modern property markets.

The confidence they provide stands behind a Company’s financial accounts, the loans made by lending institutions, developments that are to be undertaken or the management decisions that are enacted. Insight and accuracy are everything.

We understand the dynamics that impact on a valuation, the regulatory principles that underline them, the sector and local market knowledge and the importance of a succinct and timely service. Our national network of offices provide exceptional insight into a wide range of asset classes, from the traditional offices, retail, industrial and residential sectors, through to evolving operational real estate markets including hotels, leisure, education, healthcare, infrastructure and minerals.

We have a team of more than 150 RICS registered valuers, each with a unique understanding of the sectors in which they specialise. We value properties for purposes including loan security, financial reporting, expert witness, acquisitions and disposals, best value, taxation and development viability. Accuracy and quality are reinforced through our valuation panel, with changes in market conditions, perceptions and sentiment constantly monitored through engagement with capital markets and agency colleagues.

Our team will give you the confidence you need to make the decisions that matter to your business.

Richard Moir
Partner - Valuation

+44 (0)20 7333 6281
London - West End

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Building Consultancy

Our building consultancy team provide the technical advice and construction expertise to help you navigate each stage of the building lifecycle. We work with occupiers, investors, financiers and developers across the UK to identify, quantify and manage the risks they face. We look for opportunities to lower costs, unlock value and drive long-term sustainable performance.

Our advice brings together a sound technical knowledge of construction and a deep understanding of market expectations to solve issues pragmatically and swiftly. We support clients at each stage of the process, maintaining a strong commercial focus on the overall strategy.

Mike McChesney
Partner - Lease Exit
+44 (0)20 3486 3461

London - West End

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Business Rates

Our business rates specialists have saved over £1 billion for our clients since 2017.

While business rates are an obligatory cost for most businesses, with our experience and advice you can make sure you’re not paying too much.

We have an exceptionally thorough knowledge of the different property sectors, together with the day-by-day market dynamics across all locations. We constantly harvest and analyse knowledge and market data to give you transparent independent insights and advice to guide your decisions.

Our people are among the most talented and experienced in the business, advising over 25% of FTSE 100 companies, and are not afraid to speak their minds to give you honest opinions and original ideas.

They will advance your ability to budget accurately, plan effectively, achieve more certainty and invest with greater confidence. As well as saving money, you will be equipped and supported to make better business decisions.

Simon Green
Head of Business Rates

+44 (0)20 7333 6203
London - West End

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Capital Advisory

Our finger-on-the-pulse approach allows us to spot trends in occupier and investor appetite. From individual assets to the management of non-discretionary funds and portfolios, our capital advisory capabilities cover the full range of services. Market-facing and drawing on expertise from across the firm – including research, agency, asset management, corporate finance and professional – we source opportunities that are relevant, strategic and innovative.

From new acquisitions to end-of-life disposals, we develop and execute successful business plans for specific assets and wider portfolios. Highly analytical in our approach, and underpinned by our research capabilities, we bring you new opportunities and strategic advice to drive performance across the board.

We deliver value throughout the portfolio and property lifecycle. Our Property and Asset Management team is intrinsic in devising and implementing the business plans and strategies that best meet your objectives. Our corporate finance capabilities give you access to a full range of financing options, while our agency and professional teams inform and undertake the agreed actions. This all happens in a collaborative and seamless manner, involving you as little or as much as you wish.

We understand your aims, and how they can be achieved. You get access to a market-leading team, and the knowledge that the best strategy is in place for your assets.

Let our strategies generate value for you.

John Rodgers
Partner - Capital Advisory

+44 (0)20 3486 3467
London - West End

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UK Property Research

Capital Markets

Our dynamic, innovative and award-winning Capital Markets team leads the industry, bringing a highly-analytical and versatile approach to some of the market’s most complex and highest-profile deals.

Underpinned by our market-leading research, we draw on the understanding of our specialist agency and professional colleagues to develop and implement a strategy tailored to you. We are renowned by our clients for having a strategic focus on discreet off-market transactions which account for 70% of our yearly investment trading.

When acquiring assets, we are highly strategic, tenacious and driven in our engagement with the market, focusing on your interests. Our work on disposals is characterised by our understanding of the best sales approach for your asset, alongside forensic due diligence that mitigates price variance throughout the transaction process.

Our insight identifies opportunities before the competition, recognising strategic shifts ahead of the market. We draw on our experience across sectors and locations to help you outperform expectations and generate value enhancement throughout your portfolio.

We know the market, and how to make it work for you.

John Rodgers
Partner - Capital Advisory

+44 (0)20 3486 3467
London - West End

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Corporate Real Estate

For many businesses, outsourcing property management is a central part of strategic success, allowing the company to concentrate on its core operations. Gerald Eve’s dedicated corporate real estate team provides asset management advice on over 5,500 properties across the UK. We have the experts, the knowledge and the resources to take charge of your portfolio, managing the complexities and easing the administrative burden.

Our services are tailored to suit your organisation’s changing requirements. Together we make the right choices to improve profit, enhance value and control risk.

Real estate can be a distraction from your core business. Let our expert team take the strain. Estate Management

Our team of estate management specialists give you an unrivalled depth of knowledge across all areas of real estate. We work with in-house property, operations and finance teams to identify opportunities, maximise investment returns and reduce property costs.

Portfolio Strategy

Our corporate real estate experts are the leaders in supporting clients in their strategic decision making. Real estate is a key element of any business, but can be a distraction from core activity, and our experts work with clients’ separate business teams to set strategy and portfolio planning to align with objectives.

Simon Dye
Partner - Corporate Real Estate

+44 (0)1908 685 967
Milton Keynes

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Lease Consultancy

We have market-leading expertise in advising both landlord and occupier clients on lease related disputes and negotiations. We have teams in each of our UK offices specialising in particular property types and locations. Our teams are experienced in dealing with rent review, lease renewals, regears and other lease related disputes. We deal with complex cases and find innovative solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

Our lease consultancy experts are experienced negotiators, and many have expert witness experience. We are skilled in presenting and defending evidence to arbitrators, independent experts and at court. We also have experience in resolving lease consultancy disputes at mediation.

In addition to advising clients on lease consultancy matters, some of our partners take appointments to resolve disputes, acting as arbitrators or independent experts.

Catriona Campbell
Partner - Lease Consultancy

+44 (0)20 7333 6283
London - West End

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Lease Exit

Our uniquely-structured lease exit team is a market leader, recognised for its innovation and achievements in this field. We were named Professional Team of the Year by Property Week in 2019. Our team includes building surveyors with specialist technical dilapidations knowledge and general practice surveyors with valuation and negotiation skills. Over the past three years, we have advised on over 3.5 million sq ft of space and managed £200 million of claims.

Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 is an important valuation tool for clients when considering lease exit liabilities, so our knowledge and experience of this legislation is highly effective for both realistic budgeting and negotiation positioning for our clients.

Lease exit and break clauses can be contentious but vital to a business’ wider strategy, and we are here to support those objectives. By supporting clients in smooth exits from existing buildings – including realistic budget advice, risk mitigation and programme management – we enable them to focus on their core business.

Mike McChesney
Partner - Lease Exit
+44 (0)20 3486 3461

London - West End

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Planning and Development

We are one of the UK’s most-respected planning and development consultancies, working with leading private, public and third sector clients on some of the most high profile and complex projects in the country. With over 100 specialists based in London, Birmingham and Manchester, our capabilities reach every corner of the UK.

We engage actively across the political landscape – both directly with Government and on policy issues through appropriate forums – to create solutions that benefit all stakeholders. Our agile approach and integrated advice add clear value to landowners, the projects themselves and the communities where they are located.

We leverage our national and local understanding, as well as an appreciation of the risks and opportunities that each scheme presents, to devise innovative, adaptable solutions that meet our clients’ objectives.

Most of all we are about results, securing the best outcomes for you.

Lisa Webb
Partner - Planning and Development

+44 (0)20 7333 6225
London - West End

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Property and Asset Management

Our Property and Asset Management team was created to meet the demands of investors looking for a more personal and tailored service. One size does not fit all. We like diversity, creativity, solutions not problems and, above all, flexibility. Offering our clients, investors and their customers a service tailored to their needs and not the other way around.

We will work with you throughout the investment cycle, from pre-acquisition business planning to site mobilisation, from purchase due-diligence to tenant engagement and rent collection, to provide a cohesive and turn-key service.

We support investors by pulling together the component parts of an investment portfolio to deliver ‘sale ready’ and efficiently managed investments with minimal fuss. We drive and protect value and income by taking a hands-on approach to managing assets. We will write and lead the execution of business plans, engage and manage your tenants, set and control service charge budgets, proactively manage the properties and collect the rents.

It’s a simple idea: offer a partner-led service and treat each client as an individual. We work with property companies, pension funds, charities and UHNWIs across all asset classes throughout the UK. We’re in this to grow relationships, not just transactions.

When you succeed we do.

Angela Duru
Partner - Property and Asset Management

+44 (020 3486 3604
London - West End

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Gerald Eve Capital Partners

Value Recovery

Dealing with non-performing loans secured by real estate assets. Sometimes loans have problems. Circumstances change and the borrower’s original intentions can’t be fulfilled. We can help both lenders and borrowers find a solution where the loan is linked to, and secured by, real estate investments. Our aim is to help maximise the value that can be recovered from the secured asset, as maximising value will be in the interests of both the lender and the borrower, its customer.

We can provide routine market updates focussing on particular sectors to help lenders stay aware of market trends.

As concerns mount over individual loans or classes of loans, lenders may want a review, both to ascertain the current value of the asset and to look at anticipated future performance and what steps can be taken to best protect value.

Where a borrower is proposing to carry out works to the subject property, or to make other changes, we can advise on the anticipated impact on value or trading performance.

Where works or changes are to be undertaken, we can provide oversight for the lender, particularly if the lender is providing additional funding to support such works.

Where a loan isn’t performing for the lender and decisive action is being considered, we can advise on enforcement options. Whether following a consensual approach, or appointing a fixed charge (LPA) receiver, or placing the company into administration is the right approach will need to be carefully examined to assess the best course.

We have experienced and qualified fixed charge (LPA) receivers who accept appointments to take control of the asset(s) and, working with the lender, to recover the loan either through delivering a quick sale or holding the property to stabilise it and undertake such asset management initiatives as are appropriate and agreed. We also have the experience of working with Insolvency Practitioners, appointed as Administrators or Liquidators, and providing the support they need to maximise the recovery from a corporate insolvency.

Why Gerald Eve?

  • We have an experienced team focussing on Value Recovery drawn from across our business with backgrounds in valuation, asset management and receivership.
  • We are organised by property sectors, meaning our valuation teams have a deep understanding of the asset type they specialise in dealing with. This includes specialist investment classes – e.g. hotels, leisure and healthcare – as well as traditional investment categories of offices, retail, industrial and residential.
  • We have the largest planning and development teams of any real estate advisory firm. When dealing with non-performing loans where exploring alternative use or development potential may be crucial if recovery is to be maximised, the skills of the planning and development team are a game-changer.
  • We are a partnership. We have no external owners or investors and we are therefore fully independent.
  • We have a substantial Capital Markets business; our Value Recovery team are therefore well informed by what is happening now in the property investment world and therefore the trends that are impacting value.

Tony Guthrie
Partner - Value Recovery

+44 (0)20 3486 3456
London - West End

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