Jerry D. Igra

Senior Managing Director

San Francisco

Partial List of Completed Transactions

Qwest Communications, network and data center: 312,000 SF
Bechtel Investments, investment sale: 233,000 SF
Prudential Real Estate, agency leasing and sale: 230,000 SF
AirTouch, corporate headquarters: 228,000 SF
City & County of San Francisco, sale/leaseback: 180,000 SF
IRC Yerba Buena, agency lease: 173,000 SF
AirTouch, sublease disposition: 172,000 SF
Grosvenor International, agency leasing and sale: 155,000 SF
CMP Media, sublease disposition: 150,000 SF
eBay, tenant representation: 140,000 SF
Verizon Wireless, tenant representation: 129,000 SF
Gillette, sale/leaseback: 115,000 SF
Littler Mendelson, tenant representation: 120,000 SF
Fox Interactive, tenant representation: 105,000 SF
Bank of America, tenant representation: 82,000 SF
Interactive Networks, tenant representation: 80,000 SF
eBay, tenant representation: 77,000 SF
Sprint, lease termination: 66,000 SF
PlanetOut, lease termination: 62,000 SF
PayPal, tenant representation: 61,000 SF
Duane Morris, tenant representation: 53,000 SF
United Business Media, tenant representation: 37,000 SF
Fox Interactive, sublease disposition: 35,000 SF

Partial Client List

• American Express
• AirTouch Communications
• CMP Media
• NCR Corporation
• Pacific Telesis
• Verizon Wireless


Mr. Igra holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Oregon.

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