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Financial Reporting

Our Financial Reporting group stands as a leading provider of financial reporting services, offering expert advice and strategic guidance to multinational corporations, financial institutions, public and private REITs, private equity groups, and funds.


Newmark Valuation & Advisory's Financial Reporting team offers top-tier financial reporting services. Our experts combine a deep understanding of financial reporting standards with property-specific knowledge to provide strategic advice to multinational corporations, financial institutions, public and private REITs, private equity groups, and funds

Our core services

The Financial Reporting group’s primary services include:

FASB/IASB Fair Value Reporting

Fair value reporting is an integral part of financial disclosures, intended to increase the consistency and comparability of fair value estimates in financial reporting.

Fair value measurement is not a static discipline. New valuation methodologies are continually being created and refined. Our team monitors these developments to ensure its modelling techniques reflect the most current standards and are driven by well-supported assumptions.

Purchase Price Allocations

Comprehensive rules surround allocations within business combinations and/or asset acquisitions.

V&A’s Financial Reporting team, combined with Newmark’s financial advisory capabilities, can help clients manage the challenges of executing an acquisition or merger as well as determine the newly merged company’s opening balance sheet.

Assurance and Benchmarking

Regulatory enforcement has increased the need for independent third-party analyses of valuations performed in-house.

Our Financial Reporting team works with boards, market participants, lenders and brokers to assess investor assumptions and determine whether analyses have been conducted in accordance with accepted standards and client requirements. We also design valuation policies and procedures, and help decide which assets require assurance vs. appraisal reports.

Long-Lived Asset Impairment Testing

An asset impairment occurs when the fair value of an asset suddenly drops below its recorded or carrying cost. Many factors can lead to the impairment of an asset, such as a change in its physical condition, shifting economic or legal factors, or the softening of the market.

Our Financial Reporting team can accurately and efficiently perform qualitative and quantitative analysis to assess the recoverability and fair value of long-lived assets, including property, industrial plants and equipment.

Fresh Start Accounting

Emerging from bankruptcy is one of the most complex and demanding accounting challenges an organization can face, and imposes considerable demands on the management team.

Our global platform provides on-the-ground valuation expertise across all industries and geographies to assist companies of every kind as they emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Lease Valuation (ASC 842/IFRS 16)

New lease accounting standards in FASB (ASC 842, Leases) and IASB (IFRS 16, Leases) represent some of the most significant changes in lease accounting in decades. ASC 842 requires entities to report most operating leases on their balance sheet and recognize a Right of Use asset and liability equal to the present value of the rent over the lease term, exclusive of those with terms of less than 12 months.

Sale-leasebacks are unique transactions that require substantial control tests. Newmark V&A Financial Reporting can help clients navigate the aspects of sale-leasebacks to determine how the lease agreement is recognized by the lessee and lessor. Our experts assist companies in assessing their current lease process, including identification of all leases and their current status. Whether classified as an operating or finance lease, our team will provide an end-to-end solution for lease accounting.

Debt and Loan Valuation

Debt and loan valuation requires an independent fair value associated with the debt portfolio.

Debt and loan valuation may be required in conjunction with FASB or IASB guidelines, periodic mark-to-market practices or for internal monitoring purposes. Our team is able to tap into capital markets knowledge through Newmark’s capital markets practice, Cantor Fitzgerald, CCRE and Berkeley Point, in order to present real-time data related to lending activity for all property types.

Partial or Fractional Interest Valuations

Partial or Fractional Interest Valuation services may be required to assist in a variety of estate tax planning issues and for support in mergers and acquisitions, litigation and disputes. Our team can value partial or fractional interests effectively based on our extensive real estate experience and knowledge related to control premiums and discounts for lack of control and marketability.

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The Advantages of Working with our Experienced Financial Reporting Professionals
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  • — Adept at Complex, Multi-Entity Interests

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